Using Musivine Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website to use Musivine?
Of course not. It's just a social network like any other so you'll get a profile that you can customise. The difference being it should be more fun than most as we give people more creative freedom to express themselves.
How do the Musivine charts work?
All profiles have a 'Rate' drop-down which you can use to rate them with. You can even rate socialite profiles, not just artists and bands. All these ratings make up the charts which are both 'weekly' and from 'all time'.
What can I use tags for?
You can tag your profile with up to 10 tags, either using the already popular ones or by making up your own. Other users will then be able to find you by searching on those tags. For artists, any events they post are also searchable by their profile tags.

Tags are also used in the Musivine charts, so for instance if you view the 'r-n-b' charts, they will include any artists tagged with 'r-n-b'. Any tag can be used as a chart type, so be creative.
How do I customise my profile?
Select 'Theme / Background' from My Account then try out the different options. You can also set a custom background there, or from any of your uploaded images.

If you want to be more creative, try 'Custom Styling (CSS)' where you can completely re-design your profile exactly as you please.
Can I have my own Musivine URL?
Yes, everyone can choose their own URL like but it's first come first served, so be quick. Choose a name carefully as this cannot be changed later. If you export your profile you can still use this URL, it will just redirect to your remote profile on your site.
What kind of things can I post in messages?
As well as messages you can post smilies, links, images and videos. For now just YouTube videos, but very soon we'll be adding support for other formats too. To post images you'll need the URL from an image hosting site like photobucket, imageshack etc.
How do I know if I'm on a website or a regular Musivine profile?
If you're on a regular Musivine profile, you'll see the Musivine banner at the top. If you're on a remote website, the banner will be missing. Also if you're on Musivine, the URL in the address bar of your browser will start with, otherwise it will be the address of the remote website.

Browsing on and off Musivine should be seamless, such that you may not realise you're leaving Musivine and coming back. If ever you want to come back to Musivine from a remote site, there should be a link somewhere near the top of the page saying, 'Musivine social network'.
Should I add a bookmark to Musivine?
Yes, in addition it may be a good idea to save a bookmark for Musivine in your browser then you can use that to find your way back to Musivine too. However you need to make sure the address of the bookmark is just with nothing else after it.

To do this:
For Internet Explorer users you can bookmark us with this.

If you are using a different browser you can use this link to go to the homepage, then bookmark that. However this will log you out if you're logged in, but if you just navigate there normally the address will be which is not what you want to bookmark.
Why do I return back to the search on Musivine?
For your convenience, when coming back to Musivine from a remote site, you will automatically return to your last search results. If however you would prefer to return the 'My Account' page instead, there is an option in the 'Edit Account Settings' page.
What do I do if remote profiles don't update?
This shouldn't really happen, but depending on your browser setup it is possible. If it does happen, first try refreshing the page. If that doesn't help you may need to change your browser settings to not cache pages.