The Musivine Vision

Where we came from...
Musivine was written by and for musicians (though not exclusively; anyone can sign-up as either an Artist or Socialite), born out of the frustrations we so often experience trying to promote our work, with no money to hand, but no shortage of creative drive. We've been there, had a website, a MySpace, a Facebook, but so has everyone else. And amongst the vast numbers of everything there is on the internet, worked hard for little attention, lost in the numbers, when all the while we wished we could just concentrate on our art as when we started out. But unfortunately, for most musicians, promotion is a fact of life, like it or not.
Where we are headed...
So we came up with an idea, whilst not a silver bullet, it does go some way to help the striving artist ease the burden of self-promotion. At this stage in Musivine's brief existence more people are viewing the contents of Musivine than are signing up. And because the network isn't already overcrowded, those who've taken full advantage of what the site has to offer are enjoying far more random profile views, song plays and blog views than on their Myspace equivalent. On Musivine you can be found easily, heard - and even get featured on the homepage!

Musivine is a social network, but there the similarity ends. It is a distributed social network. Distributed in the sense that it is a set of separate, interconnected, independent and individual websites. MyWebsite instead of MySpace. Whilst these websites are independently owned, they all posses common Musivine social functionality.

There are two ways to achieve this; we offer a free service to create a complete website, out of the box, cloned from the user's profile, which is of course highly customisable in the first place. Alternatively if users already have a band website, they can use our web design templates to add Musivine functionality to it. That said, not everyone will want their own site, so all this is entirely optional.

However, once introduced to the idea of owning a decent, working, independent social website, the sky is the limit with the possibilities of what it can be built into. These days music often becomes popular more because of the multi-million pound videos associated with it rather than the music itself. Right or wrong that may be, perhaps the future could hold a time when artists become popular partly because of their website. Personally I would much prefer success to be more accessible to anyone on a budget, than it be restricted to the choice of the record industry's whims, just because they have the cash.

There maybe a few similar services out there, but none is as cheap, offers so much freedom, or independence. In fact the only cost would be a domain name - - for about £3 per year. If you know, or have friends who know a bit of CSS, you can design it yourself, making it completely unique, limited only by the extent of your creativity. Once your site is established, you can add widgets, players and components from your other network profiles, sourcing your content from where it already is, whilst maintaining complete control over the overall design and navigation.

Being an independent site, promotion can also be done using search engine optimisation, as well as the usual stuff. This may be another subject, but if you want to take your promotion to another level, this is the next step. A big part of this is inbound links to rank your site higher in Google etc. Musivine friends provide these links, the more friends, the more links. And because they are linking similar content, and grown organically, they're all good.

So why have just another generic page on a corporate network, like a few shelves in a vast supermarket, when you can have your own, self-styled home?