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We only just launched recently - quietly - so for now we're just inviting people to join, everyone's welcome...

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Welcome to Musivine
           ...the next generation of social network

This is where we actively encourage you to style your profile with custom CSS, host it on your own website using web design templates, or if you don't already have one yet, easily create one with our Website Builder. Then you have a completely autonomous social base.

Having a socially networked site brings many advantages;
  • Complete freedom and indepenence to design, build on it, sell from it, add widgets, anything you can think of - all your own way.
  • Your own domain - - essential for brand promotion and the ability to market yourself in the wider internet with SEO which Musivine helps, with inbound friend links.
  • It's your own self-styled home, instead of just another generic page on a corporate network, like a few shelves in a vast supermarket.
Musivine is... a distributed social network for bands/artists to interact with their fans, providing a free service to easily create your own website, or make your existing site social, functional and part of our ever growing network...

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