Exporting Profiles From Musivine FAQ

What can I export my profile onto?
A website or even just a homepage. You cannot export onto another social network though as they don't allow the script necessary to make it work.
What if I don't have a website already?
Now is your chance to easily build one from scratch with our free Website Builder. This takes care of all the export process for you, detailed below.
I do have a website so what's the easiest way to export onto it?
Go to 'My Account' and select 'Simple Export'. There you will see a small piece of code that you need to copy onto a page of your website or homepage. You will obviously need access to your site to add the code - but you only need to do this once - so maybe you can get someone to help you do this if necessary.

Then you will need to fill in 'Remote Profile URL' which is the address of the page on your site where you put your Musivine profile. Tick the 'Export Profile' box, click the 'Update' button, and you're all done. From here on, you can manage your profile entirely from Musivine. You would only ever need to update your own site again if you want add more pages or friends from Musivine, using the 'Advanced Export' option.
What can I do with the 'Advanced Export'?
This works in exactly the same way as the 'Simple Export' except you can export your profile onto multiple pages of your site. Currently you can export the following onto separate pages: main profile, comments, photo album, full-size pictures, friends, blogs and events.
Can I use my profile theme on my website?
Yes and your background image too. There are options when exporting your profile to use these or not.
How do I style the profile to match the style of my own site?
The profle should automatically pick up the stylesheet of your website. You may want to try it with or without using your profile theme remotely and see how it looks.

For CSS users: If you want to style the CSS manually in your own way, you can download one of our stylesheets then try re-coding it with your own styling. Then include that styling in your webpage and turn off the Musivine styling by de-selecting the 'Use Profile Theme' in the 'Remote Profile Settings'.

For advanced CSS users: If you want to completely style the profile your own way by even changing the layout, then you can do this too. As above, you can download our layout stylesheet then try re-coding that. If you do this, don't forget to also turn off the Musivine layout styling by de-selecting the 'Use Layout' option.

If you don't understand the CSS bit: You probably don't need to bother with it anyway. However if you do want to style your profile to match your site better than you can do yourself, you could always ask someone else to do it for you. A lot of people these days know some CSS and we're empowering budding young designers by giving them an opportunity to hone their skills on a fun social network.
Can you help me if I have problems with this?
Yes, we'll be happy to provide assistance should you need it. Just email: