CSS Design With Musivine

Are you a budding CSS designer?
Getting into the industry to do web design professionally is difficult if you have no previous commercial experience. Probably you're going to need a portfolio of work at the least to prove your worth. Maybe you've designed several websites already but were any of them dynamic?

With Musivine you have the chance to freely style the profiles exactly as you want, in a similar way to MySpace, just much easier. Their profiles can be very tricky to style so most people copy their code from elsewhere, whereas Musivine profiles are designed to be self-styled, giving you hooks into every XHTML element, allowing design to be as straight forward as possible.

Even if you don't know much CSS, we've made it easily accessible, which makes it a great place to experiment, learn, be creative and have fun developing your skills.
So how does the CSS styling work?
Just sign-up, add some content to your profile, then go to:

My Account > Custom Styling (CSS).

There you simply enter CSS and style to taste.
What else can you do with Musivine?
To take it further, you can easily build a website from scratch with our free Website Builder, or if you already have a website, you can also export your profile onto there with our web design templates. Then you have all the independence of your own autonomous site to do with as you please, but it can still be part of the network with all the benefits and social features of Musivine.

To understand what Musivine is, see our homepage, and then more information on exporting profiles.
And opportunities...
We are currently looking for CSS design individuals to work with who can help us by adding to the Musivine profile themes. There will be money to be made too by partnering with us, offering your design services.

Or you can set up your own website offering design services - many musicians will happily pay for a good looking website - and make money from advertising too.

As an example, MySpace have many spin-off money making design businesses such as pimp-my-profile. However their market is flooded and therefore difficult to break into, whereas ours is still at a very early stage, so is ideal for new design entrepreneurs to break into.
Anyone interested in collaborating with us at any level, please email us at webmaster@musivine.com. Please be aware though we are not after CVs, we just want to see your work on here first.